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The History of Sip'n Soda

Sip'n Soda was founded in 1958 by the Parash family.

William, Nicoletta, Paul, and Jim worked hard to establish Sip'n Soda

as the Southampton landmark it is today. The Parash family has been

involved in the luncheonette business for over 100 years. 


William opened the original Candy Kitchen in Oyster Bay in 1918. Later in 1925, he and Nicoletta opened the Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen. They lived in an apartment above the restaurant, where Jim and Paul were born. The Parash family later settled in Mattituck where they opened the Paradise

Sweet Shop.

The family decided to move to Southampton in 1958 and opened

Sip'n Soda. Paul and Jim continued to run the luncheonette after their

parents passed, and they were joined by Paul's son, Mark in 1992. 


Besides their famous ice cream (produced in house using a secret

recipe that has never been written down!) Sip’n Soda is also known

for their summer drink "The Lime Rickey."


Sometime in the 1970's, Irwin Hasen (the artist who created the cartoon“Dondi") began drawing posters that featured pop culture icons drinking Sip’n Soda’s famous Lime Rickey. The posters that still adorn 

most of the walls pay homage to the restaurant’s 60+ year history, and celebrate the return of Lime Rickey Season every summer.


Over the years, having an ice cream cone or a Lime Rickey at the

Sip’n Soda lunch counter has become a rite of passage for locals and summer visitors alike. Most weekends you will find a line out the

door, and everyone will say it’s worth the wait for the best burgers,

ice cream and Lime Rickeys in the Hamptons!

The Parash family is very proud that Sip'n Soda is still going strong after three generations, continuing the tradition under the sole ownership of Mark Parash. When asked about running the family business after attending college Mark said, "I was born with a spatula in one hand and an ice cream scoop in the other! I’m very fortunate to live in a beautiful area surrounded 

by a supportive community, serving food that makes people smile.

What could be better than that?"

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