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In 1883 the Lime Rickey debuted at Shoemaker's Bar in Washington, DC, where the tradition continues. It was named after Colonel Joe Rickey,

who enjoyed his "mornings Mornin" concoction of Bourbon and seltzer

over ice. The addition of fresh lime transformed it into the Bourbon Rickey," and this innovation led to various adaptations, including the ever-popular

"Gin Rickey."  As Prohibition swept in during 1920, creative Soda Jerks realized they could substitute sweet syrups for spirits, turning it into a

beloved soda fountain classic.

Since then, the Lime Rickey has evolved with distinct regional variations. In New England, it is Raspberry-infused, while Cherry takes the spotlight in

New York.

What sets our Lime Rickey apart is a "secret ingredient" passed down through 3 generations. When asked about the formula, my Uncle revealed,

"It began as a mistake! We always used fresh lime & cherry syrup, but one day an accidental addition created an extra burst of flavor. It tasted fantastic and it's been our recipe since 1958!"

If I had the chance to chat with my grandparents today, I'd share how immensely proud I am to continue their legacy and that of Sip'n Soda.

I'd excitedly outline my grand plan for marketing and branding their Cherry Lime Rickey Syrup. I can almost hear my grandfather replying in his thick Greek accent, "Brandy? We no put Brandy in our Lime Rickey!"

Join us in savoring the unique, time-tested taste of our

Cherry Lime Rickey! 

Lime Rickey History

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