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Cherry Lime Rickey Syrup

Now you can savor the taste of our classic Cherry Lime Rickey syrup at home! We’ve conveniently bottled it for you to enjoy the refreshing blend of sweet cherries and zesty limes anytime, anywhere. With just four easy steps, create the perfect Cherry Lime Rickey, blending the natural richness of ripe cherries with the lively citrus kick of fresh lime, topped with bubbly seltzer. Ideal for casual sipping or elevating your mixology game, this bold and fizzy treat captures the essence of Sip’n Soda in every sip.


Find out about the history & check out some delcious recipes here

Cherry Lime Rickey Syrup

SKU: Batch #2
Color: Cherry Lime Rickey
  • 1. Fill your 16oz glass with ice 

    2. Squeeze & leave half a lime 

    3. Add 2oz of Cherry Lime Rickey Syrup 

    4. Fill to the top with seltzer 

    Stir, Straw & Sip! #GottaMakeARickey


    Refrigerate after opening. 

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